Bus manufacturer Caio is visited by FDE authorities

2019-11-08 Authorities from the FDE (Education Development Foundation) paid a visit to one of the production sites of Caio, the largest Brazilian urban bus manufacturer, located in Botucatu (SP). The presence of Mr. Leandro Damy, FDE’s President since early 2019, is highlighted. The professional relies on a broad experience in the education area, particularly for the work conducted with the National Educational Development Fund (FNDE).

During the activities the visitors saw the manufacturing plant facilities and the vehicles in production, which will benefit the cities by means of the “Programa Caminho da Escola” [School Bound Program].

The 301 buses purchased are model F2400 - ORE2, school version, with bodywork assembled on a Mercedes-Benz LO-916 R chassis. They are fitted with a locking axle and a high rear swing, what facilitates the transport both in urban zones and difficult-to-access rural areas.
The F2400 school buses are capable of transporting 44 seated students plus the driver. The fully accessible vehicles are equipped with MSD (Movable Seat Device), allowing up to two disabled individuals (PCD) to be transported.

The passenger seats are fully upholstered and rely on a notebook holder, offering comfort and practicality. Original chassis door blockers and emergency windows ensure safety.

About Caio

The Caio Induscar bus manufacturing company relies on two manufacturing sites, one located in Botucatu and the other in Barra Bonita (SP). In business for over 73 years the company belongs to the Caio Group, a conglomerate of companies focused on the mobility market.

In addition to the modern and timeless design of their products, Caio meets the needs of customers and passengers with a higher quality, comfort, operating efficiency, technology and safety.

Other information about the Caio brand in the website: http://www.caio.com.br, at Instagram @caioinduscaroficial and LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.