Borborema Group acquires the Apache Vip urban bus by Caio to operate in the Sistema Grande Recife [Greater Recife System]

2020-11-17 The bus manufacturer Caio delivered to Borborema Group a unit of the Apache Vip urban bus, the brand’s sales leader.

Considered one of the most traditional collective transport companies of the capital of Pernambuco, Borborema operates in lines of the Sistema Grande Recife Consórcio de Transporte - GRCT [Greater Recife System Transport Consortium].

The brand-new vehicle is the first fourth-generation Apache Vip acquired by the operator, and it will perform itineraries in the north-south axis, servicing passengers from the Boa Viagem neighborhood.

Caio’s sales representation in the region has already received positive feedback on Apache Vip in operation, praised by the company’s technical team and drivers for its performance and drivability.

About Apache Vip

The model was chosen due to its traditional structural robustness, easy maintenance and availability of spare parts, offering the people of Recife a modern and quality transport.

The paint standard of Borborema’s vehicles was highlighted by the modern lines of Apache Vip, providing visual harmony and beauty to urban.

Apache VIP has 100% accessibility, with lift and seats dedicated to people with disabilities, reduced mobility and senior citizens.

It has three doors with pneumatic activation and seats that provide easy access and comfort to users. The thermal comfort is ensured by smoked glass. It was produced according to GRCT’s standards, with preparation for the installation of micro cameras and electronic validating equipment.