Mexico City renews fleet with 70 Caio buses

2019-08-28 Mexico City, considered the most populous metropolis in North America, received 70 new Caio buses.

The vehicles produced by Caio Induscar, in partnership with Volvo Buses Mexico, are the result of the fleet renewal of RTP - Passenger Transport Network, of the Mexican capital`s collective system.

The production of the partially disassembled SKD units was set up in the country by Volvo, with technical support from Caio professionals.

All vehicles are the Millennium model, low floor version, called Access in Mexico. This configuration is intended to facilitate the loading and unloading of passengers from the local urban transport system.

The new buses will add up to the 191 units, model Millennium (Procity), in the high-floor version of the RTP fleet, delivered in 2015 by Caio, also in partnership with Volvo Mexico.

Through partnerships, Caio Induscar, for over 73 years, has contributed to the mobility industry with innovative and quality products, always aiming at the well-being of passengers from more than 50 countries.