Caio Induscar: new products and projects that meet electromobility

2018-12-06 In line with the concept of electromobility, Caio Induscar has as its premise the constant search for innovation, focused on offering to the market products that combine operational efficiency with the reduction of impacts to the environment and, consequently, to society.

The demand for vehicles that have these attributes, has been growing in Brazil, so Caio has synergy with companies in the sector that are developing new technologies related to collective transportation of passengers, with electric propulsion.

The cities of Volta Redonda, RJ, Uberlândia, MG, and Cuiabá, MT, will soon have Caio brand buses in circulation, assembled on BYD chassis, 100% electric. In total, there are twelve Millennium units, produced only in the second half of the year, one being a unit for Volta Redonda, eight units for Uberlândia and three units for Cuiabá.

The city of Volta Redonda has a project that transports passengers to the main shopping centers. An electric Caio Millennium began the implementation of the project on an experimental basis in October 2017. In the month of July of 2018, the project went into definitive phase and the Caio buses will be part of the operations.

In Uberlândia, a farm of photovoltaic panels is under construction, to replenish the collectives and also contribute to the production of energy for the city`s power grid.

Cuiabá, through its municipal government, carried out a study to understand the needs of the more than 69 million passengers of public transport, which circulates annually through the city, which celebrates 300 years in 2018. The incorporation of electric buses into public transportation is part of this study.

About Millennium

The Millennium electric version model, assembled on BYD chassis, has batteries with autonomy of 250 km by recharging and full air suspension, which provides comfort to the occupants of the vehicle. The bilateral kneeling system (ECAS) allows the kneeling of the suspension, resulting in more comfort and safety in the access to the bus.

The buses have embedded technology items such as USB sockets, to recharge equipment such as smartphones and tablets, ergonomic passenger seats, electronic LED itineraries and preparation for fleet management items.

Search for innovation is a perennial concern of the brand, including in electromobility

Caio also maintains a long-standing partnership with Eletra in electromobility projects, focused on the evolution of urban transport through electric traction: trolley buses (air network); hybrid (motor generator and batteries); Pure electric E-Bus (batteries), in addition to the Dual Bus in two versions: hybrid + trolleybus and hybrid + pure electric.

The model used in all projects was the urban Millennium, in the standard versions, BRT, articulated and super-articulated BRT. For 2019, the expectation is that the result of a new project, the result of the solid partnership between companies, will be presented.
Caio Induscar is always at the forefront, to bring to everyday life, ideas that will benefit mobility in the present and in the future.