The Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte receives six Apache Vip from Caio

2020-06-05 Caio Induscar delivered six Apache Vip buses, urban model and front engine, to Territorial Transportes e Empreendimentos.

The company is part of Rodap Group, located in Santa Luiza, in Minas Gerais. The new vehicles are operating in the DEER/MG metropolitan system, departing from Santa Luzia, bound to Belo Horizonte, passing by the main “Move BRT” corridor, located in the Metropolitan Region of the capital of Minas Gerais.


The new buses are the first in the region, have 15 meters of length and total capacity of 102 people.

They have five access doors, offer total accessibility, are equipped with elevators seats dedicated to people with disabilities (PcD), reduced mobility and senior citizens.

They also have wireless stop request, four electronic itineraries in LED and embarked technology items, such as preparation for Wi-Fi system, GPS, e electromechanical turnstile and electronic validating equipment.

The units have components that provide more convenience and comfort, such as totally upholstered seats, air conditioning and smoked glass barriers against solar effects on the window.

Aiming to offer more safety for all those who use the public transport, all the vehicles are equipped with two monitoring systems via cameras, one internal and other integrated to the driver’s dashboard, which register the images in real time.

The units also have a PA speaker system for internal announcements.

Experience in the Market
Territorial Transportes e Empreendimentos is responsible for operating in the longest transport corridor of the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

Its fleet is comprised of approximately 650 vehicles, and 60% of these are from Caio brand.

More information about Caio may also be found on the website:, on social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.