2024-04-10 The company Transporte Coletivo Grande Bauru, which is part of the Comporte Group, is renewing its fleet with 27 units of the Apache Vip Caio bus, a front-engine model and Brazil`s urban bus sales leader.

The new units will operate in Bauru`s passenger transportation system. The city, located in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, is the most populous municipality in the mid-west of São Paulo and has more inhabitants than three of the 26 Brazilian capitals, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE-2023).

Quality: differentiating factor for renewal

The director of Transporte Coletivo Grande Bauru, José Antônio Jacomelli, points out that the main reason for buying Caio buses to renew its fleet is the quality of the product.

``Caio has remained in the urban mobility market for many years, always delivering quality products to its customers. This is undoubtedly a major differentiator,`` he points out.

Caio`s sales representative, Antônio Celso Sacomani, emphasizes the important partnership between the Caio brand and the Grande Bauru company.

``Caio remains focused on ensuring that the experience of buying a bus is always a positive one for our customers. Grande Bauru`s choice to renew its fleet with us confirms that we are on the right track, meeting our customers` needs with quality products and contributing to excellent passenger transportation, with comfort, safety and accessibility for all.``

About the buses purchased
All the buses purchased are fifth generation Caio Apache Vip buses. They have three doors, front boarding and Euro VI chassis technology.

Of the 27 units purchased, 15 were produced in the midibus version, with a length of 11.365 meters, seating for 69 people and built on OF-1619/52 chassis (Mercedes-Benz). The other 12 units are 12.700 meters long, with seating for 83 people, and are built on OF-1721/59 chassis (Mercedes-Benz).

To ensure total accessibility, the buses are equipped with semi-automatic elevators on the right side of the body, as well as seats for people with disabilities (PwD), reduced mobility and the elderly, and an exclusive area for wheelchair users or people with visual impairments, accompanied by a guide dog.

All the vehicles have a large interior lounge, windows with tinted solar barriers and upholstered seats, providing passengers with comfort during their journeys.

The units have electronic LED signs and are prepared for the installation of components such as turnstiles, electronic validators, micro cameras and Wi-Fi systems.

With passenger safety in mind, they are also equipped with bellows-type doors, which are pneumatically operated and lock, preventing them from opening unexpectedly during the journey, and a reversing camera, ensuring safer maneuvers.

Further information about Caio can be obtained on the website:, on social media @caioinduscaroficial.

Press Office | April 2024