2024-01-18 1st edition will reward work produced by journalists, photographers, communicators and university students.

Caio is supporting the launch of the first edition of the “Prêmio FETPESP de Comunicação – Movendo Ideias, Celebrando Talentos!”[``FETPESP Communication Award - Moving Ideas, Celebrating Talents!``], which aims to recognize and reward journalistic and communication work that contributes significantly to the advancement, promotion and appreciation of the passenger transport sector in the state of São Paulo.

The initiative was launched in January 2024 to help improve the sector, promoting innovation, accessibility, sustainability and a sense of community.

The 1st Communication Award held by FETPESP will cover six categories:
Journalism - textual and audiovisual work, published in a media outlet. Professional journalists with valid MBT professional registration can compete for the award. The journalistic pieces entered must have been published in media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations, online news portals, in which the subjects must be exclusively related to mobility in the State of São Paulo.

University Journalism Student - this category will consider the work of university journalism students enrolled at universities in the State of São Paulo. Participants should submit pieces that demonstrate promising skills in the field, with a special focus on topics related to the context of passenger transportation in the State of São Paulo.

Advertising Campaign - exclusive advertising campaigns that stand out for their creativity, impact and effectiveness will be recognized, with an emphasis on themes directly related to passenger transport in the State of São Paulo. Applications must include pieces broadcast in different media outlets, such as television, radio, internet or print.

Institutional Initiative - aimed at considering notable institutional initiatives, this category covers initiatives by organizations or institutions that have a positive impact on communication, especially those related to the State of São Paulo.
Internet - includes online content that stands out for its quality, relevance and innovation, with an emphasis on themes related to mobility in the State of São Paulo. Projects can be submitted on digital platforms, such as websites, blogs, social networks, among others, demonstrating the ability to engage online and use the resources available on the internet, especially in the context of São Paulo.

Podcast - Recognizing the growing importance of such audio shows, this category is aimed at productions that stand out in terms of content, production and impact. Participants should submit episodes that demonstrate creativity, technical quality and thematic relevance, with a special focus on issues related to the State of São Paulo.

Those interested in competing for the award must register, free of charge, by filling out an online form available on the award`s official website, by April 10, 2024. When registering, participants must provide personal information, including their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as information about the publication of the journalistic or communication piece, such as the media outlet, the date of publication or broadcast, and the link or file of the work. Each participant can submit up to two works per category, and can take part in up to three different categories.

FETPESP is following the rules and guidelines of the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD).

The submissions will be evaluated by a jury made up of professionals with recognized competence and expertise in communication and journalism in the field of passenger transport. The evaluation will be based on the criteria of relevance, journalistic or communication quality, originality, approach, accuracy of information, impact on society and contribution to the passenger transport sector.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three in each category, according to the following criteria: First place: prize of BRL 20,000.00, trophy and certificate. Second place: prize of BRL 10,000.00, trophy and certificate. Third place: trophy and certificate.
The awards ceremony will be held in June 2024 by FETPESP, with the participation of sponsors and supporters.

Press Office I January 2024