Length:  18.600
Width (Ext):   2.500
Height (Ext):     3.100 a 3.500
Height (Int):     2.140 a 2.640
• PVC coated steel tube frames
• Baterry box with steel pin
• Main electrical box with integrate miscellaneous compartment
• High and Tail lights components exchangeable with oder Caio’s product
• Rear flashlight composed of elements shared with other models of Caio
• Front grille with increased accessibility to components
• Cinturón de seguridad de 3 puntos, retráctil
• Desempañador de parabrisas con aire frio
• Electronic itineray
• Side windows with movable glass, fixed with rubber
• Bipartide front windshield with colorless laminate fixed with rubber
• PVC covered aluminum floor
• Hydraulic driver seat
• Plastic injected passenger seats,covered foam with viny
• External rear view mirror arms build with steel tube
• Itinerary with plan glass assembled into a rubber frame
• Cover for maintenance of the front itinerary in the front dome
• Air operated bellows type door
• Rear glass black tinted glass fixed with rubber
• Air conditioning
• Glazed side windows
• Fiberglass driver’s area
• Styrofoam thermal insulation
• Radio preparation
• Monitors installed throughout the passenger cabin
• Auxiliary electronic itinerary
• Hot and cold air windshield demister
• Bipartide front windshield with green laminated glass fixed with rubber
• One-piece windshield, colorless or green laminate
• Semi-upholstered or fully upholstered passenger armchairs
• Closed rear window
• Wheelchair lift
• Wheelchair elevator
• Access ramps


• Modern and innovative design,coupled with the low maintece cost and robustness of bodywork

• Modular ,interchangeable Led lanterns, where the same part can be used on the right or left side making it easeu to replace and maintain.

• Headlights in modern optical arrays, with geometry and ``day running lights`` (position light) in Led

• Tripartite rear bamber, meyque it esay to reaplece maintain.


• Power station with large space for electrical components, assiting in the organization and maintenance of these components.

• Standardization of the vehicle`s internal colors. The claws shoes poltornas covers and door box, covers of the power station and the front inner dome leave the internal environment harmonious and with melhr visual aspect, facilitating the cleaning

• Easy access and maintenance of the front itinerary, inside the vehicle.