School Buses
Length:  7.350
Width (Ext):   2.200
Height (Ext):     2.900
Height (Int):     2.000
• Alarm for backlight
• Wheelchair next to the driver
• Windshield demister with cold air and hot air
• Seats: Fully Upholstered Seat - 1000/800mm
• Roller sunshade
• Special sealing against dust
• Automotive Monitor , screen 7”
• External cameras, front and rear
• Floor with paneled aluminum sheets.
• Hydraulic driver seat
• Pneumatically triggered folding doors
• Tubular windows with protection
• Loudspeakers
• Air conditioning
• Foglamp
• Multiplex
• Pneumatic driver seat
• Radio AM/FM/USB/CD
• Digital clock with thermometer


• Bodywork with dynamic and expressive visual, with automotive concept, standing out for having versatility, agility and mobility in urban centers similar to commercial automobiles.

• Hood with activation located inside, giving greater user comfort and safety to components and external access to maintenance, to reservoirs and other items that make up the body and chassis.

• Overlapped and screwed wheel arches, facilitating the replacement of parts and agility in the exchange of items.


• Easy-to-access command station with special features that prioritize the driver`s comfort.

• Motor access on the outside, providing ample space for the driver and excellent thermoacoustic insulation. 

• Object holder with access only to the driver

• Internal rearview mirror glued to the windscreen, providing adequate visibility and safety assurance.