Viação Pirajuçara expands its fleet with 10 more Apache Vip

2020-07-15 Viação Pirajuçara, Caio’s traditional customer for over three decades, recently acquired 10 new Apache Vip vehicles, with air conditioning.

The company, based in the city of Embu das Artes, in the State of São Paulo, is part of Consórcio Intervias, which is responsible for daily transport of several passengers of area 1, in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region - SPMR.

All acquired vehicles follow the EMTU standards, which manages the system. They are 13.20 meters long, with full capacity for 73 people and five doors, with front boarding.

The buses have total accessibility, equipped with elevators and seats reserved for people with reduced mobility, PWDs (people with disability) and elderly people.

They have air conditioning, electronic itineraries, internal camera monitoring system, electromechanical turnstiles, USB sockets for recharge of mobile devices, preparation for wi-fi system and electronic validator.

With the aim of providing more comfort and convenience to the passengers during the trips, all vehicles has fully upholstered seats.
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