Mexico City renews fleet with 87 Caio buses

2021-01-07 Caio, one of Latin America´s most relevant solution providers for passenger urban transport, with a solid presence also overseas, offers products that keep the brand´s characteristic high quality standard, which comply with international standard specific requirements.

Mexico is one of the most significant markets for Caio, which, in partnership with Volvo Group Mexico, is delivering new urban buses to the capital Mexico City, which metropolitan region is among the world´s largest GNP´s.

The 87 vehicles manufactured are of Millennium model, Caio brand, called Access in Mexico. They are part of RTP – Passenger Transport Network fleet renewal, of the country´s capital mass transit system.

The brand new units operate in the cities of Azcapotzalco, Cuajimalpa, Xochimilco, Iztapalapa and Gustavo A. Madero, in Express and Ecobus service modes.

The bodyworks were shipped partially disassembled in SKD form to Volvo, in Mexico, and they were assembled in the country, with Caio professional technical follow-up.

With EURO VI motorization, which minimizes pollutant release, Access units comply with strict standards related to such agent release reduction, enforced in Europe and in some Latin American countries, including Chile and Mexico.

Every bus has total accessibility and convenience to disabled persons, with items including wheelchair user ramp, Braille signs and indoor room in the bodywork for guide dogs. They are also equipped with low floor and suspension kneeling, providing comfort and safety in passenger boarding and disembarking.

The units rely on technological features including preparation for GPS, preparation for micro-camera, LED indoor lighting and LED electronic itineraries, located in strategic bodywork points. The indoor hall also stands out, due to its women-only seats.

Other information on Caio on the website:, on social media: @caioinduscaroficial, and on LinkedIn: Caio Induscar Oficial.