City of Rio de Janeiro expands fleet with Apache Vip fifth generation

2021-10-13 Since the end of September, users of public transportation in Rio de Janeiro have 16 units of the fifth generation Apache Vip, of Viação NovaCap, Caio`s traditional customer in the city.

The operator increased its fleet, and the buses will be divided into two consortiums in Rio de Janeiro. Nine units will be part of Internorte Consortium, responsible for public transportation in the capital`s northeast region of the state of Rio. The other seven will be part of Transcarioca Consortium, which groups companies that provide this service in the Center-South region of the state capital, in neighborhoods such as Barra da Tijuca, Jacarepaguá, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Madureira and Cascadura.

An interesting fact about Viação NovaCap is that it is the fourth company in Rio de Janeiro that most transports gratuities, that is, elderly, public schools’ students, disabled and other groups exempt from the fee.

Apache VIP`s fifth generation have total capacity for 83 passengers and forward boarding, in addition to important technological resources, such as five electronic itineraries, preparation for wi-fi installation, micro cameras and USB ports to recharge mobile devices.

The thermal comfort in the interior room is guaranteed by the air conditioning and the windows with smoked glass, which block the entry of UV rays that are harmful to human beings.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, are the semi-automatic built-in elevators, another model`s highlight that provide accessibility for people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities (PCD). In the inner hall, people who fit into this group are guaranteed a reserved and safe place.

Alcivan Cardoso, Caio`s Sales Representative, comments on the new cars purchased by the company. “Viação NovaCap is traditionally known for being the company with one of the youngest fleets in Rio de Janeiro. This acquisition reinforces the company`s attention to the passengers”, Alcivan said.

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Press Office of Grupo Caio
October 2021