Caio produces two 100% electric Millennium buses for Unimar Transportes

2020-11-04 Unimar Transportes acquired two Millennium buses, in the 100% electric version, produced by Caio Induscar.
The buses will operate to transport employees from a private company, which is among the largest global mining companies, located in the state of Espírito Santo.

Unimar constantly strives to improve and values modern and differentiated products to serve its passengers.
In addition to offering products that are highlighted in the mobility market for their innovation and quality, for more than seven decades, they are also concerned with mobility in general, also producing vehicles that use different propulsion and clean energy, such as resulting in zero emission of pollutants and reducing impacts on the environment, through partnerships.

The buses have batteries that have an autonomy of, on average, 250 km, and the ability to revert the kinetic energy to electrical during braking moments, being used to feed the vehicle.

With 12.805 meters in length, total capacity for 66 people, the Millennium Electric have elevators, seats for people with disabilities (PwD).

The buses are equipped with electronic routes and LED lighting. The internal lounge has GPS, microphone, monitors and DVD on the ceiling and camera monitoring system.

The units are also equipped, with features that aim to provide more convenience and comfort to everyone during transportation, such as air conditioning, seats in the road model for passengers and hydraulic seat, with lateral displacement and headrest for the driver.

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