Caio delivers six F2400 micro buses with a new face to Serra Verde Transportes

2021-01-22 Serra Verde Transportes recently received six unities of the F2400 micro bus with a facelift, produced by Caio Induscar.

The executive version of the buses are destined to transport the workers of mining companies, in the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Back on the second semester of 2020, the company acquired other 13 F2400 micro buses from Caio for the same purpose. The model chosen by the client has the same qualities of all other Caio products — modern design, strong structure, and safety.

Beside these 13 micro buses and the new F2400 with a facelift, Serra Verde Transportes’ fleet also has other Caio products, such as the Apache VIP.

About the F2400 micro bus

All acquired vehicles are 9,020mm long, have a capacity for 29 people, and boarding doors that fold and work through pneumatic activation.

They have complete accessibility, with elevators and reserved seats for persons with reduced mobility, disabilities, and the elderly.

The micro buses also have features such as air conditioner, USB outlets to charge mobile devices, interior cabin lighting, LED stairs, and electronic itinerary.

To guarantee everyone’s comfort during the trip, the micro bus has travel bus grade passenger seats, and the driver’s seat is pneumatic with a headrest and lateral displacement.

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Caio Press Office
January 2021