Caio delivers new generation Apache VIP units to São Paulo companies

2021-08-19 Last July, the 5th-generation Apache VIP was introduced to the market and it has been a hit all over the Brazilian urban transportation scenario. As always with Caio, the novelty brings innovation and technology to the market, with no loss of the traditional quality of the brand`s products.

In São Paulo, many companies have already confirmed acquisition of the upgraded model. In total, 48 units are destined for the concession companies Tietê, Divena, Dibracam and Adivel, with the possibility to be used by the companies that serve the São Paulo municipal system.

“Through the deep research carried out by the Caio teams, we ensure safety, comfort and modernity in our products. We always improve ourselves and deliver the solutions our customers need``, comments the commercial and marketing director, Paulo Ruas.

In the new Apache VIP, the materials and their particularities, together with an innovative design, were thought with the certainty of providing more durability, economy, and accessibility to eventual maintenance.

``Besides the familiar comfort, agility and safety for users, we highlight other properties such as the availability of USB plugs and other technological items, as well as the accessibility for disabled people, which provide convenience to all those who use the transport”, explains José Gildo Vendramini, sales representative based in São Paulo.

Some interesting details of the model are the doors with pneumatic activation and locks, in a way to avoid accidents with the passengers. In addition, the acquired units have the Multiplex system, which gives the driver total control of the bus functions and helps to identify operational and electrical faults in the vehicle.

Gildo adds that, in the upcoming months, the clients in São Paulo will receive and experience all the 5th-generation Apache VIP innovations, whose contributions to urban mobility are extremely important. “The new Caio launch models can be mounted on chassis from any companies, which enables a greater diversity of products and the assurance of an offering that caters to as many users as possible.”

The new model combines both the necessary innovations and the tradition and quality of the Caio products, keeping the brand’s originality and enhancing its capacity to evolve in the scenario of urban transportation, highlights the design manager, Roberto Barduco.

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Caio Press Office
August 2021