Caio’s model F2400 units are acquired by São Paulo company

2021-08-25 Allibus Transportes has acquired thirty-seven F2400 microbuses produced by Caio, to operate in the São Paulo East Side Transport System.

With the aim to keep offering an efficient service to the passengers, and to collaborate even more with the São Paulo public transportation, Allibus has added more urban-version F2400 units to its fleet, due to the model’s practicality in circulating through narrow streets, ease of maintenance and parts replacement.

About the F2400s produced for Allibus

The microbuses are 8,395 mm long, have central boarding and a multiplex system, which identifies possible failures in the operational and electric parts of the vehicle. Semi-automatic elevators and seats reserved for people with disabilities, reduced mobility, and the elderly, provide total accessibility to the units, produced according to the standards in force.

All the buses are equipped with an air conditioner and anti-pollen filter, a component which prevents the intake of impurities and pollutants that are harmful to health.

The F2400s also feature items that provide greater comfort during trips, such as upholstered seats and windows with barriers to the sun effects.

The internal lighting and electronic itinerary are LED, resulting in energy efficiency and durability.

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Caio Press Office
August 2021