Projeto Atitude retakes face-to-face classes and celebrates seven years of activities

2021-10-20 Caio is always engaged in social responsibility actions, and is acknowledged by its pioneering role and success in in-house projects, which are aimed to the welfare of its collaborators and relatives, and external projects that provide benefits to the community, by partnerships, inclusive with the governmental initiative.

Projeto Atitude, carried out at schools in the city of Botucatu and funded by Caio brand since 2014, supported by fiscal incentive laws, also counts on the support of the city administration.

It is an example of program that has been generating positive results to the community, as it discusses with youngsters and teenagers, values related to ethics, conduct, empathy, responsibility, with the purpose of preparing them for the present and for the future.

The project attends students of the municipal education network with age of 9-17 years. “Projeto Atitude attends children and youths that live in social vulnerability areas. Thus, it assumes they are exposed to a hard reality. One of the key strengths of the program, which is noted in the attending students, is the reduction of quarrels and better discipline,” explains Valéria, Principal at EMEF Prof. Jonas Alves de Araújo, school attended by the Project.

This is a multidisciplinary work, carried out in weekly classes of scenic arts, photography, indoor soccer, and experiential meetings. “We also offer psychological support, which can be personal or in group, addressing internal struggles, feelings of the attendants, and consequently family conflicts,” explains psychologist Alice.

Since 2020, in addition to children from 6th to 9th grades of Middle School, Projeto Atitude expanded its action to young students from 1st to 3rd grades of High School, with the aim of preparing them to the job market. Eight youths already outstood, and thus succeeded in being qualified to the PHE Cidadão Juvenil Program, conducted at Caio.

Due to the pandemic, the Project was carried out in a virtual form until the end of September 2021, when the face-to-face activities have been resumed. With the vaccination progress, the increasing fall of Covid cases in the city of Botucatu, and the awareness of preventive measures by the people, the meetings returned in the schools and communities attended.

With the return of face-to-face classes, Projeto Atitude is acting in Jonas Alves and Luiz Tácito Municipal Schools, and opened, in the end of September 2021, a new attendance site at Conjunto Habitacional Cachoeirinha I, and with teenagers at Pedro Torres and Cevila State Schools.

“In the new attendance sites, we are conducting activities that prioritize socialization of the attendants, discipline, respect with the classmates, elderly and family. I believe that we will succeed in a similar way as we did in other communities,” explains Júnior, physical education teacher.

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October 2021