Viação Vila Real expands its fleet with fifth generation of Apache Vip units

2022-01-19 Between December 2021 and January 2022, 15 units of the fifth generation Apache Vip arrived in Rio de Janeiro, a sales success for Caio. These buses were acquired by Viação Vila Real, which fleet will be expanded with the arrival of the vehicles.
Viação Vila Real is located in the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro and has 9 lines in the most diverse districts of the city of Rio. Among the mentioned districts, buses travel through the following areas: Engenho de Dentro, Bento Ribeiro, Marechal Hermes, Vila Valqueire and others.

Viação Vila Real, along with 19 other bus companies, including Viação Verdun, Viação NovaCap and Rodoviária Matias, is part of the Internorte Consortium. These companies manage public transport in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, also known as Area 3.

Caio`s sales representative, Roberto Araújo, emphasizes the importance of the partnership between Caio Group and Viação Vila Real. “This acquisition by Vila Real shows the confidence that the company has in Caio, since it has a fleet with 100% Caio buses”, commented Roberto.

Araújo adds: “When they see the new Apache Vip from Vila Real on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, users will have the security of riding buses with quality, comfort and durability.”

The 15 units have a total capacity for 83 passengers, 42 seated and 41 standing. All new buses have air conditioning, which ensures thermal comfort to users.

Aligned with the new technological demand of society, the models sent to Rio de Janeiro are prepared for Wi-Fi and system of, in addition to having USB sockets spread along the sides of the bodywork, allowing the charging of mobile devices and more practicality for involved in public transport. In addition, the two turnstiles have electronic validators, reducing contact between passengers and collectors and increasing the speed of embarkation and disembarkation.

The buses also have semi-automatic/pneumatic elevators, which ensure accessibility for people with reduced mobility and PCD`s. In the inner space, the ideal place for PCD`s is ensured, with safety belts, reclining seat and space for a guide dog.

A special highlight of the bodies of Viação Vila Real are the electronic locks on the windows. With remote activation on the driver`s panel, the locks contribute to the safety of users, avoiding accidents and unwanted situations during the journey.

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