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Caio Induscar is a bus body leader in urban bus body production. Caio Induscar has a central office in São Paulo and an industrial plant in Botucatu São Paulo state, Brazil. Its total industrial area is 445 square meters with a constructed area of 101 square meters. The factory employs 3,000 people from the local economy as participates to the growth of regional and national industries. Our current production capacity is 40 bus bodies a day.

Areas of Operation: The operation covers all the territory of Brazil and other countries such as South Africa, Angola, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Lebanon, Nigeria, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Trinidad & Tobago and etc.

In 1946, Caio started its activites with the bus body production and in 1982 Botucatu’s plant was officially inaugurated. In January, 2001, the new Group Induscar, responsible for transporting people, took over the plant and the right to use and sell the products with label Caio. The Group also self commercial vehicles, chassis for buses, national and imported trucks and automobiles. In March 2009, Induscar bought at auction and became owners of the Caio name and the industrial facilities. Today the company is Caio Induscar.

With 70 years in the business, bus builder Caio has lots of history to recount.

It is a journey across the years in which many views can be glimpsed through the window. Days of sunshine and rain. Times of growth and times of living from day to day.

And the people... Yes! They are the most precious, those who have seen it all, be it abundance or crisis.

Some of them started in more than 70 years, and many also came, with talent, knowledge and technique, to contribute to the history of the company.

It all started in 1945 and a piece of paper signed by two courageous men who became responsible for part of the country’s transportation and for countless people who arrived and left Caio.

In 1946, the first bus was born: the Jardineira. It was the beginning of the development many other buses and new technologies, with errors and successes, struggles and victories.

In 2001, a new group arrived, and crossing the factory gates, began the dream of making the Caio name even larger.

And so it was! This dream was realised every day. With boldness, the mission has been accomplished and the challenges conquered.

Our Mission

Develop products with excellence on the transportation system, meeting the expectation of our clients and the welfare of our co-workers, partners and the community, aggregating value to our businesses.

Our Vision
Be a reference to the transportation sector by offering innovative ideas and solutions for the business as well as contribute to the professional development of our co-workers.



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