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What is the year of establishment of your company? Who are your main clients? Which their participation in your total sales? Who are your main suppliers? Which their participation in their total purchases?
Your company exports? (Enter the country if yes)  
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What is the nature of the raw materials of the products offered?  
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Your company has experience in the automotive industry?  
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Commitment to Quality and Environment


ISO 9001:2000

ISO 14000

ISO TS 16949

Implemented Implemented Implemented
Under implementation Under implementation Under implementation
In planning In planning In planning
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Your company has its own fleet?  
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Your company has logistical concepts? (Tell them, if any)  
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Information Technology

Select the types of applications used in your company. (Enter the type of deployment, if any)
CAD E-Commerce
E-mail E-Procurement

Oversight of risk

Your company has contingency plan to:
 Floods      Fire      Energy      Supplies


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