Jaraguá do Sul renews fleet with fifth generation Apache VIP

2022-04-21 Caio brand is once again part of the Jaraguá do Sul bus fleet. Acquired by concessionaire Senhora dos Campos, public transport users will receive all the safety, comfort and practicality of the best-selling urban model in the country: the fifth generation Apache Vip.

The company is responsible for public transport throughout the city of Jaraguá do Sul, a city in the North/Northeast region of the state of Santa Catarina, with about 180 thousand inhabitants.

About the Apache Vip

The nine units delivered to Senhora dos Campos have several technological resources, providing a better trip for the passengers. Among these features are a door blocker; a semi-automatic elevator, to ensure accessibility for disabled people and people with reduced mobility; and the preparation for installing turnstiles and electronic validators to speed up the passengers flow inside the bus.

In addition, the units have a frontal itinerary, for better visualization of the lines carried out by the bus, and also preparation to install micro cameras, providing greater security to public transport users and the driver.

Senhora dos Campos also implemented an on-board facial recognition system inside the vehicles. This validator device has a facial biometrics camera, enabling it to assist in the management and control of the benefits granted to the passengers.
The nine units acquired by Senhora dos Campos have Volvo chassis and were acquired through an important partnership between the bus builder Caio, the Dealership, and DICAVE.

A striking feature of these units is the model of the armchairs installed in the internal lobby. The model of the seats is upholstered (SPFI), with tubular feet and covering in New Kaleidos Blue/Golden, providing more comfort to the passengers during the trip.

Décio Bogo, Administrative Director of Senhora dos Campos, praised and thanked the importance of this partnership for the population of Jaraguá. “Caio`s bodies are the most modern on the market for transporting urban passengers, offering ample comfort and quality in the user daily commute”. The Director added: “We thank Caio for the trust and will continue to evolve together to meet the demands and needs of our city and company”.

In addition to these nine Apache Vip acquired by Senhora dos Campos, three units of another Caio product, the F2400 minibus, are also in the final stage of production to be delivered to the company of Santa Catarina.

You can find other information about Caio on the website: http://www.caio.com.br, on social media @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Grupo Caio Press Office / April 2022