Grupo Caio is honored in the “Gratitude Wall” of Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu [Clinical Hospital of the Medical School of Botucatu]

2020-08-21 Grupo Caio Induscar, always committed with social actions that involve its employees and the community of Botucatu and the surrounding area, was honored in the “Gratitude Wall” of the Clinical Hospital of the Medical School of Botucatu (HCFMB).

The space was created to honor the partners that contribute to the excellence of the care at Complexo HC. The opening happened on August 12. It was on-line and broadcasted live by the HCFBM pages on Facebook and YouTube.

During the event, seven partners were mentioned and had their names written in the Gratitude Wall. Grupo Caio Induscar was represented by the Human Resources Corporate Manager, Silvio dos Santos, who remotely attended the event.

“I am grateful on behalf of the Executive Board of Grupo Caio and the employees for such an important honor. Being part of the Gratitude Wall will put us forever on the HC history. It reaffirms the social role of Grupo Caio that, whenever it is possible, contributes to the actions directed to its employees and to the community of Botucatu and the surrounding areas”.

Grupo Caio Actions

Grupo Caio, since the first news that COVID-19 would become a pandemic, became available, through its Executive Board, to contribute to whatever was possible.

In July, Grupo Caio donated to Hospital das Clínicas da UNESP [Clinical Hospital of the São Paulo State University] a piece of automated equipment (EXTRACTA 96) to streamline the accomplishment of COVID tests, performing up to 96 tests per hour, establishing the commitment of the Group to the region.

It also commiserated with the Clinical Hospital campaign, with the donation of 300 N95 masks, destined to the professionals that are in the frontline, in addition to 120 masks to the Town Hall.

At the end of March, Grupo Caio partnered with the Municipal Government of Botucatu and with UNESP, aiming at increasing and quickening the mass testing for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus. Grupo Caio is also responsible for subsidizing the hiring of professionals that work with the ascertainment of such tests at the Blood Bank.

Whenever it is possible, the Group companies get involved with social actions, aiming at contributing to the City of Botucatu and surrounding areas in several situations.

To know more about Grupo Caio, please visit: On social medias @caioinduscaroficial and Caio Induscar Oficial at LinkedIn.