Caio promotes activities over the Web with teens from the Programa de Humanização da Empresa – PHE Cidadão Juvenil and their families

2020-05-25 During the pandemic, Caio, the bus manufacturer, is developing activities of integration via the Internet with youngsters between 15 and 17 years-old, who participate in the Programa de Humanização da Empresa – PHE Cidadão Juvenil [the Juvenile Citizen, Caio’s Corporate Humanization Program].

The activities engage the participants of the internal program (the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews of collaborators); the participants of the program carried out in the community and the family members of both groups.

The project titled “Família, eu acredito” [Family, I believe] is based on eight challenges, each of them to be met once a week by the adolescents, together with all of those who live in the same home.

After having met each challenge, the adolescents post photos of the activities and testimonials on how the felt in relation to the activity - all of it via an app.

Five challenges have already been met until the moment, with the proposal of themes such as: My Qualities, Cooking, and My Dreams.

To young Matheus Rovere, the weekly challenge is being a special moment: “With the activities, my family and I have created bonds even tighter than we used to have. The challenges are helping a lot; we are experiencing moments of learning and fun”, he points out.

Yet, to Ana Laura Silveira, what has been catching the eye the most in the activities is family interaction, so hard to come by these days. “That’s a very good experience! We renew our unity, and the joy of getting to know our family in a different way - like in the challenge of the qualities, for one - is something I’ll carry for life,” explains the young girl.

Guilherme Mendes, who meets the challenges with his mom, complements: “That’s right! I got surprised with the challenge of the qualities, for I had no idea it could bring more joy and unity to my family. I am so happy!”

According to the coordinator of the Social Service, Silvânia Giandoni, the activities are being developed with about 150 youngsters. Out of that group, 60 are taking the PHE course and 90 have already been hired by the Caio Group. “Our intent is to proceed with the live, in-person activities with those youngsters and their families at Caio, after this period of pandemic,” she sums up.

About the Programa de Humanização da Empresa – PHE Cidadão Juvenil

Caio Induscar is a pioneer in the creation of social programs which provide benefits to its collaborators and the community in general.

Emphasis is placed on the PHE Cidadão Juvenil which, in over 13 years of existence in the internal mode (for family members of collaborators), has already prepared 895 youngsters for the labor market, whilst 550 were hired by the companies of the Group. That is over 300 trainees hired after their having reached the age limit of the Program (youngsters above 18 years-old).

Besides the professional training, there is also focus on the personal development of each participant.

Due to the success of the Program, there arose the need to expand the opportunity to youngsters in Botucatu, the city in which Caio’s largest manufacturing plant is installed, by implementing the PHE Cidadão Juvenil – Comunidade.

With that, the PHE Cidadão Juvenil - Comunidade was created, which has the same format of the internal modality and has already qualified 136 youngsters over the past editions. The Project is itinerant (each edition is held in a different district) and offers, at every new edition, a chance of a better future to youngsters from different localities.

By means of initiatives, such as the PHE Cidadão Juvenil, Caio invests in the social development of its collaborators, their family members, and the community.

Other details on the Caio company may also be obtained at the website:, from the social media @caioinduscaroficial and at the LinkedIn profile Caio Induscar Oficial.