Caio Induscar takes part in NTU

2014-09-09 Caio Induscar took part in the 2014 National Conference put on by NTU – National Association of Urban Transport Companies, at the Hotel Royal Tulip, in Brasília.

The theme of the seminar was Public Urban Transport: how to meet social needs. At the event the Paulista bus builder exhibited a BRT Superarticulated Millennium, which is 23 metres long with a carrying capacity of 57 seated and 115 standing passengers, and one special needs passenger.

At the event were Sr. Maurício Lourenço da Cunha, the company’s Industrial Director; Sr. José Gildo Vendramini, National Sales Manager; Sr. Anselmo da Silva, Belo Horizonte Regional Sales Manager; and Sr. Rogério Soares, Recife Regional Sales Manager.

It is fundamental to Caio Induscar to take part in events which seek solutions to improve urban mobility in cities.