2023-12-28 With a share of 53% by November 2023, Caio reaffirms the company`s excellent performance in the urban bus segment. This leadership consolidates the brand as one of the leading players in the Brazilian market, with more than 5,000 units produced this year. Caio invests in innovation, technology and also in people, which makes it one of the major employing brands in the region. Expectations for 2024 are positive, driven by the Brazilian political and economic scenario which, according to projections, will be favorable.

For more than 78 years, bus manufacturer Caio has been combining tradition and anticipating trends in its product mix, always providing the market with solutions that make a difference in mobility. The brand`s reliability can be proven by the 2023 results, which show Caio as the leader in the urban bus segment in Brazil for another year.
``The 53% share shows that we are doing a great job. We must remain firm in our purpose of continually offering products that add value for the operator and the community. It`s challenging for a brand to remain in the lead for eight years, which is why we invest in technology, innovation and, of course, people. Our customers and our employees are our reason to exist and we have fulfilled our mission of producing with quality and excellence,`` says Paulo Ruas, CEO of the Caio Group.
In addition to serving the Brazilian market, Caio is present in more than 50 countries, particularly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Significant sales have recently been made to countries such as Angola, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico.

Caio’s Success Stories
The Generation V Millennium buses, for rear-engine chassis, and the eMillennium, developed exclusively for electric propulsion chassis, launched in 2022 by the Caio brand, had an outstanding sales performance, demonstrating the excellent acceptance of the new products by customers.
More than 700 Millennium units have been sold to major Brazilian cities. The eMillennium bus, on the other hand, has more than 70 units delivered to markets such as São Paulo, Goiás, Espírito Santo, Bahia and Amazonas, with other sales in progress in cities in the state of São Paulo and other states in the country.
The generation V Apache Vip front-engine bus launched in the second half of 2021 continues to be a great success story for the brand. More than 3,200 units have been produced this year for cities such as São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Rio de Janeiro, São Bernardo do Campo, Belo Horizonte, among others.
``One of our great differentials is our customization know-how. Within our production line, we are able to tailor the products to each customer`s operating needs. This is a great benefit for the operator and for the community, which has access to quality public transport with comfort, safety and accessibility. We also offer our customers customized service, carried out by sales representatives in Brazil and abroad, and by our after-sales team. These are qualified teams who, together with our team of employees, are focused on ensuring that the experience of buying a Caio bus is always a positive one,`` says Maurício Lourenço da Cunha, industrial vice-president of the Caio Group.

People who do, learn and are valued
Caio is one of the largest employers in the region. In 2023 alone, more than 670 new jobs were created in the manufacturing and administrative areas. In the same year, the Group hired 1,170 people. More than 15,000 hours of training were also provided.
In favor of the community, lectures are given at technical schools and partnerships are formed with technical training and labor qualification entities, offering free courses. Caio, through the Apprenticeship Program in partnership with SENAI, employs 93 young trainees who follow a course of theoretical and practical lessons in eight production-oriented courses.
The Caio Group`s Internship Program trained 26 young people this year, providing a learning journey in activities developed in the manufacturing and administrative areas, with technical and behavioral training.

2024 Perspectives
For 2024, the growth projection for the bus market is around 10% to 15%, due to:
• The increase in production driven by the FNDE`s tender for school vehicles for the Caminho da Escola [School`s Way] Program. The tender includes the qualification for the supply of 16,300 school buses, in which Caio is qualified to produce 3,500 units of the ORE 3 with Iveco, one of the winning bidders;
• Possible reduction in the Brazilian economy`s basic interest rate (Selic) during 2024, providing a more positive economic scenario and more favorable credit conditions;
• Possibility of clients investing in renewing and expanding their urban fleets. One of the factors is the normalization of Euro VI;
• Federal government incentives to decarbonize public passenger transport;
• Enactment of tax reform (possibility of differentiated treatment for sectors with reduced tax rates, as is the case with public passenger transport).

About Caio
parks, headquartered in the city of Botucatu and a branch in Barra Bonita, both in the interior of São Paulo State, Caio has a production capacity of 50 bodies a day, in both units.
We have sales representation teams all over Brazil and abroad and a central office in the city of Sao Paulo. We also have a renowned technical assistance team and streamlined acquisition and exchange of spare parts.
Success in the bus segment is the result of a robust portfolio of products that meet the diverse needs of the market and a complete mix of solutions that encompass special care and services.
Therefore, Caio specializes in offering smart mobility solutions, making the transportation of millions of people in Brazil and the world easier.

You can get more information about Caio at the website:, on social media @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Group’s Press Office / December 2023